Adult Education

Edification Through Study

We are always learning. Adult Education strengthens the church through sound Bible teaching in Sunday and Wednesday classroom settings, and to provide other opportunities for learning at special events throughout the year.

Bible Correspondence Courses

This ministry promotes and encourages the study of God’s Word through various Bible correspondence courses in an effort to strengthen Christians and lead those outside of Christ to the church. Check our our online resources.

Youth Group

The congregation at Prestonsburg believes that our youth are the church of tomorrow and the future of the community and world in which we live.
Derek McKenzie serves as our youth minister. He is supported by his loving wife Danielle. Derek says, "Our favorite thing to do is worship God with each other and our brothers and sisters in Christ. We love The Church and feel so blessed to be able to work with the youth and to be a part of teaching them and helping them grow in Christ. We believe the congregation is only as strong and as closely knit as its members, so we strive to help bring closeness with those of like precious faith. The Lord teaches us in Matthew 18:3 to become as little children in order to enter the kingdom of God. We can learn from the youth, the children; and we strive as Youth Minister and Wife to stay as much of a kid at heart as we possibly can. We want to teach the youth, and adults alike, that life is even more fun and more meaningful when it is a life lived for Jesus Christ.
Scott Thacker is a Deacon with our Youth Group. He with the help of his wife Anzie lead our Lads 2 Leaders/Leaderettes Program.

Our youth are divided into two groups:

K - 4th

The goal of this group in the K-3 is to acquaint them with Bible stories, characters, and lessons. Beginning in the 4th, to train the group in the basic foundation of a Christian faith. We desire to encourage them to step out of the box of their comfort zones and provide time monthly for devotionals and allow them to practice acts of worship including song leading, prayer, and Bible reading. We hope that, through this early training, he or she will be better prepared to be a future leader in the Lord's Church.

We are aware that sometimes in congregational work and activities that this is the age group that may get neglected and we want to strive to make them feel like the important part in which they are to the church! To accomplish these goal our events, include:

Monthly Devotionals on a selected Sunday before evening worship.
Service: Each month there is a service project. Preparing baskets for the elderly, mailing cards to those who need encouragement, and gifts for the special needs, etc.

Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes

We have scheduled times for L2L to meet and prepare for the annual convention that encourages children to grow spiritually through noncompetitive events. L2L helps prepare both boys and girls to become leaders and leaderettes in their scriptural roles. Youth who participate in L2L have been found to be more faithful in their adult lives than those who do not.

Fellowship Trips

It is important to remember that they are kids, and they need time with each other outside of the building. To accomplish this goal there are Summer Field Trips:


-Local parks (Archer, Jenny Wiley, Pikeville)

-Lads 2 Leaders/Leaderettes

-Amusement parks

5th - 12th

The goal of this group is to build upon the foundation of the Christian faith adding the fundamental teachings of salvation, the church, worship, and service. The events and activities that we are involved in are designed with the spiritual development and growth of each youth in mind. Our success as a congregation can be measured in regard to the spiritual development and growth of this group. We want to help our youth grow in the knowledge, grace, love, and service of the Lord. We realize that our youth will be members and leaders of the church tomorrow and their faithfulness and effectiveness depends on our responsibility to them today! To accomplish these goals events, include:

-Monthly service projects

-Youth devotionals with opportunities to perform singing, praying, and Bible reading.

-Youth activities with sister congregations.

-Lads 2 Leaders/Leaderettes

-Challenge Youth Conference

-Summer outings at local parks, museums, and spiritual retreats.