Road Trip Through the Bible – Dale Hubbert

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 welcome to another

segment of our road trip through the

Bible and we want to talk about Upper

Room we’ve talked about that a little

bit before we talked about the fact that

before the death of Jesus he met with

his disciples his apostles in an upper

room he talked to them he told them what

was going to happen he washed their feet

he told them that one was going to

betray him it was not many days later

how many days later that Jesus was

crucified and that he rose again in Acts

chapter 1 we find Jesus after he has

been risen and Jesus is at the place

where he told the Apostles he would be

and he talks to them and he goes back to

the Father and he told them he was going

with to go back to the pocket even

before he died and then in verse 12 Acts

chapter 1 he told the disciples the

apostles that he was going back to the

Babak and they returned to Jerusalem

from the mount called Olivet which is

near Jerusalem a Sabbath day’s journey

and when they entered they went into the

upper room with everything Peter James

John Andrew Philip Thomas Park all of

you Matthew James Simon and Judas the

son of James not to be confused with you

this is Carey who had taken his life

after betraying Jesus here the apostles

there is an upper room again except this

time Jesus is not with them he’s gone

back to be with the father he’d spent

three years preparing them for what they

needed to do after he goes back to

heaven and so now they’re gathered

together and verse 14 says they

continued one Accord in prayer

supplication with the women and Mary the

mother of Jesus and with his brothers

and their talks about them going and

replacing Judas they need someone to

take his place and and the things that

transpired there Matthias

was chosen Thomas was chosen to take

Judas place and then we know that later

on Paul saw as he was

as was the last apostles ahead let’s

think about that upper room where

they’re gathered now for a moment now

the responsibility is on them now Jesus

is not around and they’re going to think

to go and do exactly what Jesus told

them to do and what we call the Great

Commission to go into all the world and

share the good news with others

now they we’re going to need to be the

examples they were going to need to show

God to other people in that where we’re

at in that the same position that we’re

in today that we need to be sharing the

good news with Jesus we need to be

telling people we need to be showing

people God through our lives yes as

these eleven gather as they gathered in

an upper room they’ve seen so much that

could encourage them they’ve seen the

path that Jesus had lived before them we

have the opportunity not literally but

through God’s Word to see that and just

as these men assume their

responsibilities just as they began to

go out of Gloucester’s 123 said carry

the gospel to the entire world they did

it as well I hope that from this Upper

Room we take the fact that we need to

take on our responsibility we need to be

followers of Jesus and we need to show

people the life that Jesus lived through

our life thank you for joining us for

another road trip through the Bible